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The Stuggle for

[27.Sep.2017 - 19:20]

The Stuggle for  Pashtoon Land:

By: Pir Riaz Afghan
Thank you very much  that you  have invited me to speak on the floor of United Nations, to convey the message and information of our sufferings to UNO, about the pain,our Pashtoon nation is passing through. We are not here to ask for financial and economical help, we are not asking for any other help but what we are here to ask that international community and United Nation is not fulfilling its responsibilities as it should have to as a Union of Nations.   

I am not going to discuss the physical genocide of our nation, the killings of thousands of our young people and elders but I am talking about the spiritual and cultural genocide of our nation. I am not going to tell you, I am not going to bring you the details of all those killings and butchering which this state has carried out in the last 70 years. That amount is in 1000s and 1000s. In the last 10 years more than 150,000 Pashtuns are killed by Pakistani army dominated by Punjabi establishment.  The killings of Pashtun’s reaches to new levels at that time when they made their Western front doctrine and start its implementation in our region. In most of these killings, in most of these intrusions and expansionist plans, they first created Talibs in different regions of Pashtun territories from Swat to Parachenar and Waziristan and then use it as a reason to begin military operation in these regions to occupy these areas and create their basis there. They killed 1000s and 1000 Pashtuns. It is not secret,   everybody knows it that most of the organizers, and most of the terrorist leaders are living in Islamabad, Peshawar and Quetta in the safe heavens of Pakistani state and Pakistani army. Some of them are even elected members of Pakistani Parliament and senate. 
Dear friends, ladies and gentlemen,
We are living or we have been forced to live in a country where one nation Punjab and its military establishment are deciding for us everything. They are selecting for us war and peace, they are selecting for us who is our enemy and who is our friend, They are telling us which language is near to Islam and which language is away from Islam, they are selecting for us which sect of religion we should follow and which sect of religion we should not and they are deciding for us whether we have the right to  say as a nation that we were existing before Islam or we came in to being when Islam as a religion appeared in this region . All this drama is happening on the daily basis in our day today life, and all this is there on the media of Punjabi establishment and all it is there in their law enforcement principles and academic system of Pakistani state.

Let me bring you one example from our past and from the history of Pakistan. I hope that it will give you a lot of pray to understand the question of national brutality and national suppression.   When the present Bangladesh was the part of Pakistan, the Bangladeshi part was called East Pakistan and the present Pakistan was called West Pakistan. The present Pakistan which was then West Pakistan has 4 provinces but all these provinces to gather were in minority (population wise) than East Pakistan.  So to counter East Pakistan the Punjabi establishment forcefully created the union of these 4 provinces and that time they called it one unit. The real motive behind the unification of these provinces was to take bigger crunch in the Budget than the East Pakistan. The Punjabi establishment made a system and law and according to that system and law the bigger the province is territorially the more it will get crunch in the budget. So the present Bangladesh the then East Pakistan was in majority (population wise) but smaller territorially than the forceful union of provinces in so called west pakistan . So that way West Pakistan and specially Punjab was getting bigger crunch in Budget than East Pakistan. Then you know how that saga was finished. Millions Bengalis were killed in Bengal and the defeat of Pakistani army was devastating, more than 90000 has been surrendered. All it is tragic and all it is full of blood with the lost and destruction of all human values.  The problem is that beside all these events and incidents the Pakistani – Punjabi Generals are not learning from the past. They practice the samething, on Pashtun territory, they do it on Baloch territory and they do it on Sindh and Kashmir. 

Some days ago as usual the Mullahs in tribal belt raided a home, where the marriage ceremony was under way, they were playing music and enjoying this rare occasion of happiness but were not let it to happen. Mullahs forcefully took the musical instruments and put these instruments on fire in the street in front of the people. And on the next day the army authority produced a letter where Mullahs were expressing their apology and declaring that next time they will not take the law in their hands and will never commit such kind of actions in future. These are all organised dramas, this is not first time that the state with the help of corrupt and criminal Mullahs are organising such kind of scenarios. A lot of singers have run away from the country and living in refuge in foreign country. From one side they are hitting and destroying us and from other side they are making conspired arrangements to make the people pleased and contended all they do. 

 On the front of economical exploitation and economical damage most of our resources and riches are on the disposal of Punjab and they are the ones who decide the fate of our resources and riches. It will be enough to say that most of the resources belongs to Pashtun territory, Baloch territory and Sind territory but the richest nation is Punjab. Most of the Pakistani billionaires belong to Punjab and I searched a lot to find out one from my nation but unfortunately I couldn’t  find a single one. There is not a single serious industry on Pashtun land which could be brought in to the knowledge of audiences because , in reality most of the industries are concentrated in the Punjab province. In reality that means Punjab is Pakistan and Pakistan is Punjab.  That is how our nations live and that is how our nations have been thrown in to the hands of one nation and one army the Punjabi nation and Punjabi army.      

 Earlier I gave you just some details about all those killings and picture of brutality they carry out on daily basis but I would like to show you an other side of their brutality they carry out against my nation. And that side of brutality is the more painful, more damaging and more destructive for any human being and nation than all other brutalities.  They are destroying our music, they are destroying our language and they are destroying our culture and our history.  They, the state of Pakistan, dominant by Punjabi army and Punjabi establishment are discriminating us and converting us in to mini human beings, in to incomplete human beings with all short comings and defects. They force us to be tiny human beings without any knowledge of our past and our history in full and complete form. They use everything to convert us in to ants and mosquitoes, unable to hear, see and watch.   Only the Punjab and Punjabi establishment decide for us which part of our past and our history is suitable and which part is not.  Education in one’s own language is the desire of every human being and every child, because it is easy to understand, it is easy to convey the message and information and it is easy to think in it as your own language but instead of facilitating that  the Pakistani authorities  are banning our children even  to talk to each other in their own language in the premises of institutions and universities.  It is a good occasion to remind you that the present international mother language day 21 feb is the result of that brutality which was carried about by Pakistani authorities on 21 feb 1952 against Bengali students in Dacca. What was their crime and what was the asking for. They were asking and demanding a status for their language, they were asking to give it an official and national status and definitely they were asking to have the right to get education in their mother language.  All this was tragic and disastrous and it will be enough to get lessons from that gloomy and terrible past but they are not and they are still moving on the same path and same pathway of destruction and annihilation.   They are injecting again and again in the minds of the people that your history is short, your history has just begins with the appearance of Islam and all before Islam was neither yours nor your ancestors history.  Everything is building on religious dogma and, religious understanding and religious interpretation of the world and from there all their hatred for Hindus, for Christians and for all other religious communities which surround us in the neighbourhood or in the world. .  From their all their blasphemous laws and intolerance in the state and society.  That is blindness and that is deafness and that is the source which gives these forces to manipulate and subjugate others.   More knowledge, more information, more digging in the past is the source of cultural development, it is the source of  light and freedom which give  the people  the opportunity to see future with clear understanding and vision. It is opening your eyes and soul and the potential to be a human being in full with all human values. In the end I request the United Nations and all international organizations to raise their voice for real nations and their sufferings and only then and only after that it will look like the union of Nations or United nations.   When the word does not resemble to the real state of affairs, when the United Nations is dealing with states and not with nations the problems will only grow and human sufferings will unidentified and known. The national question in Pakistan is a serious question and that is why it should be dealt with serious level of understanding. Time has arrived that the United Nations should move from the position of states to the position of nations and only then the international community will be able to see problems in real spectrum and full range otherwise not. Long live the struggle of subjugated and enslaved nation. Long live the forgotten languages and names of enslaved and subjugated nations. Long live the struggle of Pashtun nation for free and independent Pashtun land.

 بېرته شاته